Saibaba migration

Saibaba migration

Saibaba migration: Hello friends in this post today, I have told how Saibaba migrated from the village to Shirdi and why Baba went to Shirdi itself.

Saibaba migration
After the father's death at the age of 8, Saibaba was brought up by Sufi Wali Fakir, who took him to Islamabad at the Dargah of Khwaja Shamshuddin Ghazi one day. He stayed here for a few days, where a Sufi Fakir came to be known as Roshan Shah Fakir.

Roshan Shah saw spirituality in Sai and came to Ajmer with Haribabu (Sai). In this way, Sai Wali became the companion of Roshan Shah after Fakir.
Saibaba lived with Sufi Saint Roshan Shah in Ajmer. There he learned information about many native medicines besides Islam. He was proclaimed the Quran. I also remembered Syrah, Sunna, Hadith, Fakka, Sharia Tarikhan. He became firm in these religious teachings of Islam when his age was only 12-13 years.

During this time, while Saibaba got to know Islam and Sufism closely, the light of Vedanti education by his father and guru also kept burning in his mind. He was a firm Vedanti from within, only then he was offered several times by other Muslims to accept Islam, but each time he strongly rejected it. He was a staunch opponent of conversion.

Roshan Shah once went to Allahabad for religious propaganda, where he died of a heart attack. Roshan Shah was a very rushed fakir and he worked for humanity only. He was a preacher of Islam, but he did not have the feeling of forcibly making anyone a Muslim. Harisabu (Sai) was once again orphaned as Roshan Shah left.

Haribabu (Saibaba) was in Allahabad at the time of Roshan Shah Baba's death. When Baba was in Allahabad, then the conference of saints was going on. The festival of Hindus was going on. Saints of the country came from every corner, including the saints of the Nath sect.

Baba's inclination was more towards the Nath sect and their customs. He met the chief of the Nath sect and performed santamsam and Satsang with him. Later he went with him to Ayodhya and saw the Ram Janmabhoomi, where the Babri structure stood at that time.

On reaching Ayodhya, the saint of the Nath sect bathed him in Saryu and presented him with a tong (sataka). It holds every Yogi of the Nath sect. Then the Nath saint chief put a sandalwood tilak on his skull and told him to keep it at all times. Baba kept Tilak throughout his life, but he gave it to Haji Baba.

After the visit to Ayodhya, the Nathpanthis went to their camp but Haribabu was left alone. Baba reached Rajpur while wandering, from there to Chitrakoot and then Beed. In Beed village, people refused to give alms to Baba, then a Marwari Premchand assisted him. He hired Baba. Baba spent some days carving sarees there and this demand increased the demand for sarees, which also doubled its price. Marwari also doubled Baba's remuneration but Baba did not feel like there. He was reminded of his village Patari.

After Beed, Baba moved to his village with the hope that his mother would be found there, Will be brothers and it is also his place of birth but after reaching there it is revealed that there is no one there. Finally he met Chand B, a resident of the neighborhood. Chand B told him the whole story. It had been a long time since Moon Mian died. Chand B was pleased to see Haribabu.

Chand B Haribabu (Baba) took him to the Venkusha Ashram in the nearby village of Selu (Selu) for arranging lodging. At that time, Saibaba must have been 15 years old.

Venkusha Baba was a man of divine power and was a saint who carried on the tradition of the Dutt sect. Chand B and Baba were stopped outside the ashram because both of them were looking Muslim by their attire. Baba also wore a bana like fakirs. When Chand B prayed to Vanukusha Baba in his mind, Baba sitting in meditation was awakened and he got up and came to the ashram's door.

After a few questions and answers to Baba, Vaikunsha was satisfied with his answers and he entered her in his ashram. He was so pleased with Baba's answers that he embraced Haribabu and made him his disciple. Vaikusha's other disciples hated Saibaba, but Venkusha's love for Baba grew and one day he gave all his powers to Baba before his death and took Baba into a forest, Where he did Panchagni penance. While returning from there, some Muslim fundamentalists started throwing brick and stone at Haribabu (Sai ​​Baba).

When Vankusha comes to save Baba, a brick is placed on his head. Venkusha's head started bleeding. Baba immediately cleaned the blood with a cloth. Venkusha tied the same cloth with three wraps on Baba's head and said that these three wraps are about being free from the world and knowledge and safety.
Baba picked up the brick that hurt him and kept it in his bag. After this, Baba kept this brick for his whole life.

After reaching the ashram, both of them took a bath and then Venkusha told that 80 years ago they had gone to Sajjangarh to see Swami Samarth Ramdas's Charan Paduka, in return they stayed in Shirdi. He meditated under a neem tree near a mosque there and at the same time saw Guru Ramdas and said that only one of your disciples will stay here and because of that the place will become a pilgrimage area. Vaikunsha further said that while there I have lit a lamp in memory of Ramdas, which is placed under the cover of rock below the neem tree.

After this conversation, Vaikunsha fed Baba thrice proven milk. After drinking this milk, Baba miraculously attained Ashtasiddhi's power and became a divine man. He had the feeling of being a Paramahansa. After this Vaikunsha left the body. After Venususha's departure, Saibaba had no importance of staying in the ashram. Baba lived in this ashram for about 8 years.
On the orders of Venkusha, Saibaba reached Shirdi while walking.


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